3D vision for robot guidance

Pickit offers vision solutions for automated bin picking, depalletizing, and part localization. Automate picking and placing parts of varying shapes, sizes, and materials.

Give eyes to your robot to unlock full automation potential:

  • Free operators from moving parts from bins to the machines.
  • Automate with maximum flexibility.
  • Eliminate costs of the parts staging.

Pickit is robust and easy to run in production

Stantraek 023

Pickit M-HD

Best fit for picking of small and medium sized objects with high accuracy from bins, boxes and tables.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • Highly accurate
  • Best in class
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Pickit M

Best fit for picking of medium sized objects from bins, boxes and tables.

  • Highly versatile 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market

Pickit L

Best fit for picking of large sized objects from pallets and bins.

  • Highly versatile 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market

What can Pickit do?

We aim to supply real out of the box bin picking solution for applications we see a lot in the industry. Watch videos with applications where Pickit is commonly used.

Is it really easy?

The Pickit vision system is easy to set up. Our intuitive software that minimizes integration support and reduces installation times. Read technical documentation.

Can you show it?

Watch our videos with examples from Automotive and Rail, Aerospace, Forging, Logistics, Machining and Metal, Pharmaceuticals among others.

Pickit applications

Pickit can be applied in many areas.

Machine loading

Improve machine tending.

Bin picking

Automate bin picking applications. Read more..


Get products on and off pallets.

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The Guide to Bin Picking

for Automotive Suppliers, OEMs and Integrators

Are you active in the automotive industry? We know what works and what doesn't in automation with 3D vision. We’re now ready to share our expertise in this guide. Click to get access >>