A plug and play 3D camera for your robot

Parts of different shapes, materials and sizes come into processes every day. They need to be ordered, placed, picked and mostly fed into a machine or a process. Traditionally this task was very hard to automate.

Adding our 3D camera and software to your robot makes this automation step easy for you.

An elegant solution for any pick and place application

We offer three off-the-shelve products to help you automate nearly any picking task. All three products contain all necessary tools to set up a vision guided robotic application: State of the art 3D vision software pre-installed on an industrial processor and a capable 3D camera. Start picking with Pick-it in just one day!

Pick It M Hd People

Pick-it M-HD

Best fit for picking of small and medium sized objects with high accuracy from bins, boxes and tables.

  • High resolution 3D camera
  • Highly accurate
  • Best in class

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Pick It M People 02

Pick-it M

Best fit for picking of medium sized objects from bins, boxes and tables.

  • Highly versatile 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market

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Product L

Pick-it L

Best fit for picking of large sized objects from pallets and bins.

  • Highly versatile 3D camera
  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Fastest ROI in the market

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What can Pick-it do?

Pick-it is the 3D robot vision solution that guides your robot to pick and place a wide range of products to automate your processes in a flexible way.

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Is it really easy?

At Pick-it we strive to the best possible user experience with our product: First pick on the first day.

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Can you show it?

Pick-it was already integrated in a lot of applications. See them for yourself in our video area.

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The Ultimate Guide to Bin Picking

for Automotive Suppliers, OEMs and Integrators

Are you active in the automotive industry? Thanks to hundreds of implementations and research, we know what works and what doesn't in automation with 3D vision. We’re now ready to share our expertise in this guide.

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Pick-it applications

Pick-it can be applied in many areas. Learn all about the uses of our vision system.

Stacking and destacking

"Including unboxing and mounting the system, we can set up Pick-it to run a pick and place application with the UR robot in 3-4 hours. "

Allied Automation