Is your production line restraining your time-to-market?

Flexible, reliable and cost-efficient bin picking with 3D vision robot automation scenarios from Pickit3D

  • How your machine tending process benefits from 3D vision automation

    • Flexibly and cost-efficiently adjust your processes and set up new products quickly without major interventions by external service technicians
    • Cut costs by saving on downtime, maintenance and low value production tasks
    • Take a big step towards smart manufacturing with reliable 3D vision bin picking and machine tending

  • Interested? What we can offer you:

    • The premier 3D vision solution for semi-structured or random bin picking based on globally proven technology and use cases. Compatible with all major brands of robots.
    • Easy to install, user-friendly, low-maintenance solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your new or existing robot.
    • Custom bin picking engines combined with state-of-the-art camera hardware and lifecycle services.

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Bin picking applications

Semi-structured bin picking

Use your robot to pick parts from somewhat structured bins or pallets to load your production line with a 3D vision system. Parts could be separated by layers, stacked or singulated.

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Random bin picking

Have your robot pick parts from bulk and load your production line using a 3D vision system. A robot needs eyes to find the positions and orientation of parts on a tray, bin, or in a box.

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