Are manual or mechanical interventions slowing down your production line?

Automate your sanding, sealing, deburring or any part processing with 3D robot vision

  • How your process benefits from 3D robot vision

    • Avoid unreliable product quality and inaccuracies caused by imprecise mechanical production techniques or human intervention
    • Automate processes that used to be daunting to automate with robots
    • Free your labor force from stressful, repetitive or complex process tasks
    • Reduce your downtime by flexibly, rapidly and cost-efficiently switching to new processes, products and parts without major interventions

  • Interested? What we can offer you:

    • Smart technology that can detect complex-shaped parts in random order, and guide a robot to perform the sanding or polishing task.
    • Probably the most user-friendly and cost-effective 3D vision solution for sanding, polishing, deburring tasks, based on globally proven technology and use cases.
    • Easy to install, low-maintenance solution that can be seamlessly integrated with your new or existing robot and process.
    • Custom guidance engines combined with state-of-the-art camera hardware and lifecycle services.

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