Certified Hardware

Our range of Certified Hardware components to complete your solution.

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3D Vision Cameras

Pickit3D will integrate the best-fit camera and sensor for the job. We offer a range of high-quality Standard and High Definition camera's

Pickit SD2

Our multifaceted standard definition 3D vision camera

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Pickit M-HD2

Our highly accurate and compact 3D vision camera. Ideal for robot-mount applications.

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Pickit L-HD2

A compact, versatile and reliable high definition 3D vision camera.

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Pickit XL-HD2

Our high accuracy high definition camera with largest field of view. For large bins and surfaces

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3D Vision Processors

We offer the best 3D Vision Processor for the task at hand, balancing cost and performance.

3D Vision Robot Tools

Our solution can be used with a wide range of existing End of Arm Tools (EOAT). Pickit3D even offers its own very specialized EOATs for challenges such as billet picking.


Our range of accessories, including camera mounts and calibration plates, address automation challenges you may face.

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Tell us where you plan to pick from, what kind of parts, and get recommendations on the best-fit Pickit products for your application.