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Pickit 3.4: Next-generation cameras opening a world of possibilities

Pickit 3D is launching version 3.4 of its 3D robot vision solution. This latest release, which will be available from May 2nd, extends the possibilities of the Pickit 3D robot vision platform with a new and extended second-generation range of cameras. This significant upgrade not only improves overall reliability and performance, it opens up opportunities for more 3D robot vision applications and marks a key step towards compatibility with multiple camera brands, each selected for their performance in specific use cases.

The highlights of the 3.4 Release

  • Thanks to new high-performance cameras, our 3D vision platform offers unprecedented capabilities for a wider range of applications, including for transparent and reflective objects, as well as large bin and pallet sizes.

  • Our new Pickit-certified industrial-grade cameras offer improved reliability, and our full camera range is now Ethernet-based.

  • New features in terms of security and application monitoring and several improvements to the software platform.

What’s new in 3.4?

Improved, versatile and robust camera lineup

Our certified camera range has been entirely revamped and now features second-generation models covering more applications with improved performance and robustness, featuring IP 65 rating. As before, we still offer cameras with standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD), depending on the needs of the application, but the new camera line-up now covers extended fields of view spanning from small boxes all the way up to two Euro Pallets (EPAL).

SD2: high-performance standard definition camera

Let’s start with our first newcomer, offering the best price/quality ratio and successor to our first-generation SD camera. SD cameras are typically used for standard bin picking, and depalletization processes, requiring less accuracy.

Benefits of our new SD2 camera (compared to the current SD camera)

  • Wider range of applications

  • Better point cloud

  • Increased field of view

  • Higher 3D accuracy from 4-18 to 4-10mm

  • -10 to 50°C operating temperatures

  • IP65 rating

L-HD2: compact, versatile and reliable high-performance camera

Our next addition to the range is the L-HD2, which succeeds the L-HD and complements our existing M-HD2 camera. Built on the same hardware platform as the M-HD2, the L-HD2 is suitable for both stationary and robot-mounted applications, delivering exceptional stability and performance.

Benefits of our L-HD2 camera:

  • Improved accuracy

  • Larger field of view

  • Exceptional point clouds

  • Designed for industrial environments, featuring an Ethernet connection

XL-HD2: sturdy fixed-mount camera for large bins and surfaces

Enter XL-HD2, the last new member of the family, and the first XL camera of its kind offered by Pickit 3D. As the name implies XL is an ‘extra-large’ solution to support new applications.

Benefits of our new XL-HD2 camera:

  • New applications including those involving large bins or pallets requiring a fixed camera, as well as applications with shiny objects.

  • 5MP camera based on laser triangulation.

  • Fast scanning and high-performance 3D point processing

  • Mechanically robust with waterproof connectors and IP 65 rating

New camera range overview


data sheet


data sheet


data sheet


data sheet

Recommended applications (learn more)

Bin picking


Part localization*


3D accuracy [mm]





Field of View

See table below

Camera mount



* For operations like sanding, gluing, sealing, welding, etc.
** The M-HD2 already existed in our range.

Field of View comparison

New and improved 3D Vision Platform features

The Pickit interface, renowned for its intuitiveness, received some new and improved features in the 3.4 release.

Pickit password protection

This new, opt-in feature allows two access levels to Pickit 3D. Admin is password-protected and has full privileges to configure the application and the Pickit platform. Operator is not password-protected and can only monitor the application and collect data for troubleshooting and support.

Application monitoring

Monitoring the application logs can provide great insights, especially when troubleshooting. User logs display information about the current Pickit session with more clarity and detail, can be filtered to focus on information of interest, and can be downloaded for offline inspection.

Expected object location

This feature allows to reject parts that deviate too much from an expected location. Version 3.4 allows for a more fine-grained specification in both position and orientation. For example, in the de-racking application shown below we expect car doors to not deviate too much from an expected position in the X and Y directions, but we want to leave the Z (rack) direction unconstrained. For orientation, it’s sufficient to specify a single global deviation.

Desired pick orientation

The 'preferred pick location' feature has now become the 'desired pick orientation' feature, as it is now possible to enforce it as a constraint, and mark objects as unpickable when not satisfied.

This constraint enforces picks that are easier and faster to reach by the robot, resulting in for instance, reduced wrist motions, or avoiding wrist configurations causing undesired tension to robot tool cables.

Objects table

The objects table reporting numeric detection results now also displays the object orientation and allows selecting the display frame for position and orientation. Unit settings have also been extended.

Robot integrations

Recent hardware and software improvements have enabled Pickit to solve sub-millimeter part localization applications. To this end, robot integrations require communicating results with higher resolution, which is now supported by integration versions updated for Pickit 3.4.

Interested? Get the update

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