Boost your productivity with our Special Camera Upgrade Offer

Dear customer,

Our older HD-camera models (the M-HD and L-HD) are retiring soon. After June 15th, 2024 we will no longer take orders for these devices. Support for these cameras ultimately ends on December 31st, 2026.

In light of these cameras phasing out, we want to give you some special options, allowing you to secure and boost your automation & productivity.

Option 1: Buy spare equipment at a 5% discount from regular list-price.

If you want to secure your automation solution longer-term, make use of the last opportunity to buy an identical spare camera. We offer it at an exceptional discount of 5%.

Option 2: Upgrade to a new HD2-camera and get 1.500 EUR cashback

Upgrade to our latest M-HD2 and L-HD2 high-definition cameras with enhanced performance. Upon the return of the old HD1-camera, we offer a 1.500 EUR cashback.

Option 3: Upgrade the whole Pickit3D component and get 3.000 EUR cashback

If you feel this is a good time to update the entire Pickit3D to its latest version with a new camera and a new Pickit3D Vision Processor that comes with the latest software, you can order a new bundle and upon the return of the old HD1-camera, we offer a 3.000 EUR cashback.

Reach out to your regular Pickit3D Sales Representative or send an email to for more details.

Kind regards

The Pickit 3D team

Attention! No orders for the HD1 or the upgrade options will be taken after June 15th, 2024

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