Pickit L

With the combination of our proven easy-to-use software and our Pickit L camera you can set up a smart automated pallet unloading application.

Pickit L, the perfect choice to make automation easier with your robot.

  • No parameters, real plug and play
  • Best in class ease-of-use
  • Fastest ROI in the market

Download the Pickit product brochure.

"If I wanted to, fresh from a sealed box, I could get the system unpacked, connected, powered up, and picking simple objects such as boxes or circles in just 2 hours (if we ignore that I read slow). I think it is very well designed and very robust."

Austin Shupe,ONExia, Universal Robots distributor

Easy to run in production

Pickit does not require extensive training and can be operated by anyone.

  • Experience an easy setup with built-in support
  • Make use of our application specific engines. Next to that Pickit offers a flexible toolbox for other applications.
  • Optionally order services to develop a reliable and production-ready cell fast, covering POC, gripper design, robot-camera positions, re-pick stations.

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What's inside the Pickit L box?

Pickit 3D vision software pre-installed on a powerful industrial processor, a capable 3D camera and all necessary tools to get you started.