The Pick-it 3D camera

Our 3D camera can find overlapping products of varying sizes and materials, in glossy and matte colors, including with reflective surfaces and it continues working in changing and poor light conditions, even darkness.

The Pick-it camera uses structured light to calculate the 3D image. Structured light is the process of projecting a known pattern onto a scene. The way this pattern deforms allows Pick-it to calculate the depth and surface information of the products you want to be picked.

The advantage over classic 2D camera's is that the 3D camera does not require special lighting and has no problem with reflections.

For ease of use, it also contains a color camera which shows the current workspace in a user friendly way.

Learn more on our the Pick-it camera fact sheet.

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Camera specifications

Camera type Short range Long range
3D camera min. object distance 400 mm 600 mm
3D camera depth range 400 - 800 mm 600 - 1300 mm
3D camera far end view size 600 x 400 mm 600 x 800 mm
3D camera repeatability < 1 mm < 2 mm
3D camera absolute accuracy < 3 mm < 5 mm