Pick-it launches a certified channel network

At Pick-it, our focus has always been on delivering our top-notch robot vision tools with the highest possible usability and backed up by our outstanding customer support to help as many organisations as possible in automating repetitive tasks. Therefore we are excited and proud to announce we are launching a Certified Channel Partner network through which authorized resellers of Pick-it products help us bring our successful products to market.
Pickit Partners World Map

Our Certified Channel Partners share these qualities with us: great robotic knowledge, strong technical support staff, extensive experience with vision systems and they have to be success driven sales organizations. These authorized resellers of Pick-it products aim to distribute and support our products on a more local level. They have all received extensive training by our application engineers and have at least one Pick-it system set up to test end consumer’s applications and parts.

Last month 4 of our colleagues went on an intensive 8-state trip of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas and Oregon to promote our Certified Channel Partner network and we are thrilled to have signed eight new Certified Channel Partners. During the trip more than 100 sales and technical employees of these CCPs were trained using the Pick-it 3D vision system.

One of our partners in the US, ONExia, recently shared the thoughts of one of their application engineers, Austin Shupe with us:

“Overall I'm very impressed, the Pick-it system is so easy to get started. Built in presets make it easy for simple tasks to be taken care of in less than an hour, and the calibration plates for localizing the robot and defining the region of interest make it so efficient to set up. The programming integration with the UR is rather intuitive too. If I wanted to, fresh from a sealed box, I could get the system unpacked, connected, powered up, and picking simple objects such as boxes or circles in just 2 hours (if we ignore that I read slow). I think it is very well designed for being a new product and very robust.”

Mr Shupe goes on stating that: “I'm very impressed by this product, I think they have a lot of potential, their support is phenomenal (due to the time difference, they get back to me the morning after I sent an email), and overall the company really shows care and interest in bettering the product. That instills faith that we can expect that the team is working hard to improve it day to day.”

While getting praise from sector organizations and the trade media is nice, endorsements like this one are truly why we get out of bed in the morning. ONExia’s application engineer concluded that he is “glad we decided to go with Pick-it”. Let’s just say we are equally glad to have them on board as one of our Certified Channel Partners!

Are you interested in partnering up with Pick-it too? Then get in touch with us here!

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