Icing on the cake of our successful year

Pickit Trends Pitchers Day

No less than three awards for Pick-it’s robot vision project

Everyone likes a bit of recognition or acknowledgement, but getting three separate awards in one month made even our cheeks flush a little. Pick-it was nominated as one of ten technology startups competing for the prestigious Rising Star award by Deloitte, made it to the Leuven MindGate shortlist of Ten Startups to Watch in 2018 and finally won Most Promising Tech Startup at the Trends Pitcher’s Day competition.

Combine that with over 100 Pick-it systems and we cannot help but feel festive about the upcoming holidays.

Rising Star

As part of its Fast 50 event celebrating the fastest growing tech companies, Deloitte dedicates a portion of the evening to up-and-coming organisations, the Rising Stars. From a preselection of more than sixty candidates, a short list of 10 - including Pick-it - were invited to the finals.

“The Rising Star nominees have the potential to become market leaders. These promising technology companies have been identified by the jury as high-potential and future growers.”, reads the company’s website. The judges who included Duco Sickinghe (CEO of Fortino), Christian Reinaudo (CEO of Agfa-Gevaert) and last year’s winner Heidi Rakels (CEO of Guardsquare) looked for scalability, experience, management team expertise and highly promising growth in a two minute pitch at the event.

Globally focused, regionally embedded

With more than 100 clients from the US, Europe and Asia looking into Pick-it’s robot vision technology our ambitions are definitely global, but our headquarters in Leuven nests us in a unique ecosystem of companies cooperating with knowledge institutions and the government, also known as Leuven MindGate. Every year this collaborative front presents its Ten Startups from our Region to Watch in 2018 and Pick-it is proud to make the list.

Leuven MindGate praised Pick-it’s plug-and-play technology giving eyes to industrial robots and the industry-changing potential it holds.

Fever pitch

More than a hundred starting businesses applied for the inaugural Trends Pitcher’s Day, an initiative of Trends Magazine. Ten were selected to present their business plans to a jury of bankers, investors and starter’s coaches. Pick-it’s CEO Peter Soetens managed to best convince the panel on criteria of viability, creativity and online and offline strength of ideas taking home the award of Most Promising Tech Startup.

The jury was impressed with Pick-it’s claim of ‘Your first pick on the first day’ allowing industrial companies to revolutionise their bin picking processes without the need for complex and lengthy training.

Looking ahead to 2018… and beyond

Even more promising than these three awards are Pick-it’s initial results. With 100  interested clients from all over the world, we cannot help but look forward to the future with high expectations. “We want to continue to grow and accrue additional market share”, CEO Peter Soetens states. “Without outside investments the revenue could triple by 2019, but with the right investors, that number could go up exponentially. Talks with a number of parties are currently underway”, he adds.

In the near future more and different types of robots will need eyes, just think of the possibilities in care, mobility and construction. It is expected that the market will grow tenfold in the next decade. At Pick-it we eagerly look forward to that future and our role in the further development of adding vision technology to industrial robots.

Interested in our award-winning technology? Let us know and we will gladly look into collaboration opportunities.