Bin picking

Factories around the world are full of bins with randomly placed parts waiting to go to the next production step. Picking parts from a bin was traditionally hard to automate. It is quite a task to make a robot pick randomly sorted objects out of a bin and place them in a different location in an aligned position.

There is little discussion on how to climb up to a solution:

  1. Detect parts position and orientation with high reliability.
  2. Select the ones your robot can reach and your gripper can handle.
  3. Execute the motion from pick-up to drop-off

At Pickit, we are focusing on step 1 and 2 and having step 3 done by the robot software.

Bin Picking Apllications with Pickit

Fast bin picking with Pickit and ABB

Automotive: bin picking car parts with Fanuc

Pharmaceuticals: bin picking syringes with ABB

"“Bin picking is one of the biggest challenges in today’s manufacturing and now I can say it’s possible with Pickit.”"

Yann Danesin, Continental France