Bin picking

Manufacturers worldwide are doing their best to keep up with high standards and strong competition. Production needs to be bigger and better while labor shortage is rising. The solution to their struggles?

The automation of pick and place manufacturing processes with robot vision.

These processes involve the picking and placing of different kinds of parts at the beginning and end of the production line. This manual work takes 40% of the labor force’s working time!

However, these tasks were traditionally hard and often impossible to automate - especially the picking of randomly placed parts from a bin. Enter Pickit.

"“Bin picking is one of the biggest challenges in today’s manufacturing and now I can say it’s possible with Pickit.”"

Yann Danesin, Continental France

This is how it's done!

  1. Show an example part to the 3D camera
  2. Tell Pickit where to look with our click and drag tool
  3. Pickit will tell your robot where the best pickable part in the bin is

Our artificial intelligence makes your robot or cobot smart... Our product:

  • learns what your parts and tool look like
  • knows where your robot and bin are
  • predicts & prevents collisions with obstacles and other parts,
  • decides the best part to pick next
  • and much more ...

Pickit will show your robot where to pick parts and place them onto:

  • a CNC Machine,
  • an assembly line,
  • a conveyor belt,
  • a welding station,
  • a working bench,
  • a tray,
  • a box,
  • a package
  • or even a co-worker's hand.

Visit the German page about bin picking here: Griff in die Kiste.

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