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Use cases

  • Industrial robot case

    JMPT deployed a performant, low-maintenance, and compact industrial robot cell for bin picking shafts.

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  • Cobot case

    KYB found an elegant solution fitted directly into their current production cell with very little modification.

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Camera technical specifications

  • 3D measurement method

    Structured light
  • 3D image capturing time

    300 ms
  • 3D camera resolution (pixels)

  • 3D camera precision (mm)*

    1.0- 3.0 mm
  • 3D camera accuracy (%)

    < 1.2%
  • 3D camera accuracy (mm)**

    4 - 18 mm
  • Estimated picking accuracy***

    1.5 - 2 x 3D camera accuracy
  • 3D camera weight

    1030 g
  • 3D camera connection to PC

    M12–8 (USB) – USB3
  • PC connection to robot

    TCP/IP over Ethernet

* A larger distance from the camera has lower 3D camera precision.

** A larger FOV has lower 3D camera accuracy

*** Average accuracy from the real production environment

Camera field of view

Camera field of view diagram


The Billet picker comes with the latest Pickit 3D vision software, all setup and ready to go. Want to learn what else Pickit can pick ? Discover all features of our latest software update in our Knowledge Base.

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