Bin picking in packaging industry

Automated shovel production

Kuka robot picks billets and feeds induction oven

Constant-Velocity Joints bin picking

Billets automated bin picking

Robot bin picking PHARMACY

Bin picking and machine loading SHAFTS production

Robotic RETRAYER for Pharma and Biotech

Sheet Metal bin picking at Stantraek

Pickit Case Study: Bin picking at Stantraek

Pickit Case Study: Bin picking at Vanamatic

Pickit Case Study: Bin picking and machine tending at KYB

Application video - Bin picking at Vanamatic

Application video - Bin picking and Machine tending at KYB

Fast bin picking with Pick-it and an ABB robot

High speed random bin picking performed by Pick-its M-HD camera and vision engine and an ABB robot.

Smart automated bin picking

A 1 step process for bin picking and orientation: combine fast cycle times & accurate drop offs.

Bin picking with automatic collision prevention

A mixed bin with steel billets is emptied using Pick-it 3D robot vision.

Bin pick a Euro pallet gitterbox with an ABB robot

A Euro pallet size gitterbox with mixed cylindrical silentblocks is emptied by a retrofitted ABB robot.