Application video - Bin picking at Vanamatic

Application video - Depalletizing at Van Tuijl

Application video - Pick and Place at Talen Tools

Application video - Bin picking and Machine tending at KYB

Pickit Case Study: Pick and place and machine loading at Talen Tools

This case study shows pick and place and machine loading applications at the Dutch company Talen Tools.

Bin picking of automotive parts with Pick-it M-HD

Reliable bin picking of automative parts with Pick-its M-HD camera and state-of-the vision software. This test for a real production case was set up in less than 2 hours.

How to automate unloading pallets with Pick-it L

Do you need to speed op your logistics? Do you need to run operations 24/7? Do your colleagues suffer from a sore back?

Unloading a pallet with Pick-it L and a Universal Robots UR10

Just show your box once to the Pick-it L camera and our software will find every individual box and send your robot to it.

Fast bin picking with Pick-it and an ABB robot

High speed random bin picking performed by Pick-its M-HD camera and vision engine and an ABB robot.

Bin picking cardboard boxes in various sizes

A Pick-it bin picking application in which a robot from Universal Robots is picking cardboard boxes in various sizes with a Schmalz vacuum gripper.

Time-lapse of the Pick-it booth at Automatica

This video shows a time-lapse of the Pick-it booth with its many visitors at Automatica and zooms into the different demo setups in each corner of the booth.

Start bin picking in under 25 minutes with Pick-it

Save time in your industrial automation project with Pick-it. Watch this video to see how a complete robotic bin picking application is built in less than 25 minutes using Pick-it!

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