Timothée Habra Appointed as Chief Technology Officer of Pickit 3D

Pickit 3D is pleased to announce the appointment of Timothée (‘Tim’) Habra as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as of September 11th, 2023. Tim, previously serving as the VP Engineering, will now assume a broader role, overseeing both the Engineering and Product Development departments. As a member of the management team, he reports to CEO Jean-François Remy. With Tim’s appointment, Pickit 3D aligns its leadership structure with its growth strategy and plans.

“These are exciting times for Pickit 3D as the adoption of 3D robot vision is accelerating fast,” said Jean-François Remy, CEO of Pickit 3D. ”Over the last year, we have successfully developed and marketed Pickit3D as a versatile 3D robot vision platform to support various automation scenarios including bin picking, depalletization, assembly and surface treatment. In 2023, we were able to achieve the strongest financial first half year in the company’s history and reach the landmark of 1000 installed systems in over 40 countries. Tim’s appointment will allow us to continue to drive our growth strategy and maintain our competitive edge in the market."

As CTO, Tim will leverage his extensive experience and understanding of the technology landscape to drive innovation and ensure the seamless collaboration of the Engineering and Product Development departments. Under his direction, Pickit 3D ’s teams will closely work with clients and partners to continuously enhance our products and services, thus adding value and helping them to address modern automation challenges. Pickit 3D is currently actively strengthening its technology teams in this context.

Tim Habra Appointed CTO of Pickit 3D

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