Presenting pallet-size automation with Pick-it L

What is Pick-it L?

Pick-it L is a combination of our proven easy-to-use vision software and a brand new L camera which can see more of the world surrounding you. With a field of view of 1550 x 1900 mm, it is able to see a full standard EU pallet which makes it a perfect companion for your depalletizing applications.

I already have a Pick-it system, what will change?

Pick-it L works in the same user friendly way that you know from our standard product. Learning it requires no extra training. If you already have a Pick-it system, you can easily upgrade it with a Pick-it L expansion kit.

Getting started

To get started with your first application and see for yourself how easy it is, read this detailed article on how to set up a real depalletizing application using Pick-it L with a KUKA robot.

I'm interested, go to the example videos.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this product launch. Don't hesitate to get in touch for more questions or to discuss your application.

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