First pick on the first day challenge

At Pick-it we strive for the first pick on the first day. We want to build a flexible vision product that is intuitive to use and easy to integrate with your robot to make our customers focus on their application only.

Challenging our promise

Talking about the ease of use of our product is one thing, but let's get to action. We challenged Phil, our internal training manager and support engineer, to set up a robot application starting from a newly shipped Pick-it system in a box. He needed to demonstrate that our promise of "the first pick on the first day" is realistic. We filmed his progress in a continuous video and added an analogue clock to prove that we didn't cheat.

Getting curious to see if Phil accomplished this challenge? Watch this video:

The video above shows how to set up a working robot vision system in under 25 minutes with these simple steps:

  1. Safely unbox the system
  2. Mount the 3D Pick-it camera
  3. Connect all cables
  4. Install URCap
  5. Perform a robot-camera calibration
  6. Define a region of interest
  7. Teach the object to Pick-it
  8. Write a robot program
  9. ... and finally enjoy picking!

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Meet Phil,

Training manager and support engineer

Phil teaches Pick-it vision software and robot courses to our partners and customers. He is acquainted with the product like no-one else. Phil loves to see his students interacting with the Pick-it product in an intuitive way. Whenever possible, he tries to learn where our product can be improved to make it even easier and more intuitive to use.

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