About us: founders with a vision

Pick-it was founded in 2016 as a product spinout from Intermodalics, an organization that develops software for robots and developed and tested the Pick-it product for 3 years before bringing it to market. The three founders Peter Soetens, Ruben Smits and Bert Willaert saw the potential to simplify the process automation for a large number of production companies with one single product. During its first year of operation Pick-it gave eyes to more than 100 robots and has since gone on to win a number of prestigious competitions such as the Trends Pitcher’s day and Deloitte Rising Star.

Filip Vranckenzw

Filip Vrancken

Demo & test technician

Portret 09Zw

Lilia Maremmani

Administrative assistant

Portrait Peter Soetens

Peter Soetens


Portrait Ruben Smits

Ruben Smits

VP of Engineering

Portrait Bert Willaert

Bert Willaert


Portrait Bart Houben

Bart Houben

VP of Product & Marketing

Portrait Dominick Vanthienen

Dominick Vanthienen

VP of Innovation

Joris Bw

Joris Brussich


Portrait Sam Biermans

Sam Biermans

Channel Account Manager

Portrait Seongyong Koo

Seongyong Koo

Country Director Korea

Portrait Sasha Luo

Sasha Luo

Account Manager


Emi Kemeling

Inside Sales Assistant


Luba Zaritskaia

Marketing Officer

Portrait Filip Vanderstappen

Filip Vanderstappen

Application Engineer

Portrait Phil Colpaert

Phil Colpaert

Application Engineer

Portrait Rob Mertens

Rob Mertens

Application Engineer


Maxime Anciaux

DevOps Engineer


Bruno Champagne

Senior Computer Vision Engineer


Susanne Marie Knösels

HR & Office Manager

Portrait Johannes Meyer

Johannes Meyer

Senior roboticist

Portrait Adolfo Tsouroukdissian

Adolfo Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian

Senior roboticist

Portrait Timothee Habra

Timothée Habra

Senior roboticist

Portrait Francisco Vina

Francisco Viña

Senior roboticist


Laurent Engels

Senior Roboticist


Francisco Almeida

Senior Roboticist


Marijn Goosens

Senior Roboticist

Portrait Hans Joachim Krauch

Hans-Joachim Kraus

Senior Roboticist

Portrait Perrine Aguiar

Perrine Aguiar


Portrait Ana Rita

Ana Rita Pereira


Portrait Simon Deleersnijder

Simon Deleersnijder



Vincent Bertrand


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