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Manufacturing companies want to automate machine loading processes to deal with labour shortage and to remain competitive with lower-wage countries, this is also the case in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). We are happy to share that the EU Trinity project is supporting us to set up local demonstrators of predictable bin picking for shaft and axle producing companies in those countries.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate to shaft and axle manufacturing companies that bin picking cells can today be implemented in a way that the performance is predictable, the installation time is limited (less than one week) and reconfiguration of the cell for different parts is easy (less than one day).

Together with two of its certified system integrators, AI.EC in Slovakia and Delta Tech in Hungary, a bin picking cell will be set up at the premises of the system integrator with the gripper and camera solution from Pickit. This cell will run 24/7 in the same way Pickit has set up such cells at the headquarters in Belgium.

24/7 operation - bin picking cell in Belgium

For six months, AI.EC and Delta Tech will actively invite leads to visit the local demonstrator and show plant managers from local companies what bin picking can solve for them.

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