• The Pickit3D Vision Solution

    The Pickit 3D Vision Solution allows customers to solve robotic automation challenges by adding the power of 3D Vision.

    • Billet Picking

    • Bin Picking

    • Depalletization

    • Sanding

    • Assembly

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    Pickit3D Vision Solution

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Automation scenarios

Pick and place tasks

The Pickit3D Vision Solution gives the robot eyes so it can see the objects to pick and place at the beginning or end of the production line.

Applications include

Robot guidance

The Pickit3D Vision Solution locates objects with no fixed location in space or that are presented in random order, allowing the robot to perform its tasks.

Applications include

  • Interested? What we can offer you:

    • Full 3D vision automation solution, including specific billet picking software, innovative Gripper End of Arm Tool and lifecycle services.
    • A solution that picks billets accurately from the sides, the top, at steep angles or even those stuck in the corners.
    • Easy to install, user-friendly, low-maintenance all-in-one solution that does not require specific knowhow of robot automation.

  • Pickit3D Lifecycle Services

    Pickit3D and/or our partners support you from A to Z on your way to flexible automation:

    • Detection services. Free testing to ensure that our cameras can detect and isolate your products effectively.
    • Proof of concept. We assess the feasibility of your automation project. Try before you buy.
    • Custom development services. We tweak our proven technology to perfectly fit your specific requirements.
    • Implementation services. We will help you correctly install, configure and calibrate our solution.
    • Lifecycle support. We will make sure that your Pickit3D solution is available and remains a good working condition.

  • Pickit3D Certified Hardware

    We offer a range of Certified Hardware components to complete your solution:

    • Best-Fit Cameras and Sensors - Pickit3D will integrate the best-fit camera and sensor for the job.
    • 3D Vision Processors - Correctly balancing cost and performance, we offer the best 3D Vision Processor for the task at hand.
    • End-of-Arm-Tools - Our solution allows integrators to model and use a wide range of existing End-Of-Arm-Tools. Pickit3D even offers its own very specialized End-of-Arm-Tools for challenges such as billet picking.
    • Accessories - Our range of accessories, including camera mounts and additional sensors (1D, 2D) address automation scenario challenges you may face.

  • Leveraging the power of the Pickit3D vision solution

    The Pickit3D Vision Solution adds unparalleled flexibility and intelligence to challenging production and logistic processes, by leveraging the power of 3D Vision and robotics. It allows manufacturers worldwide to speed up time-to-market, gain control over costs, reduce the factory footprint, and add value to the human operator role. Easy-to-use, the Pickit3D Vision Solution includes certified hardware, a robust and open technology platform and a comprehensive range of services.

  • Why we are unique?

    • Predictable 5-year total cost of ownership
    • An integrated solution including software, hardware, and support services
    • Easy to set up, intuitive and open technology that requires no coding or specific knowledge
    • Out-of-the-box integration with all common types and brands of robots
    • Best-in-class solution for robot mounted cameras
    • Powerful software algorithms can deal with overlapping objects of different sizes, shapes, materials and even color variations due to changing light or reflections
    • Unique 3D vision technology based on light projection

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