Releasing software version 1.9

Behind the scenes, our Pick-it software engineers and vision experts are constantly working on new software features to support our customer needs. They’re doing a tremendous job to keep improving our product, one release after another. Today, it’s time for them to go on stage with our next major software release: Pick-it version 1.9 is out!

Continue reading to discover what this release has to offer.

Support for depalletizing robot arms

Starting from release 1.9, Pick-it can do a robot-camera calibration with 4 degree of freedom robot arms. This type of robot arms is widely used for pallet unloading applications which is in line with our Pick-it L product.

More info about the Pick-it L camera on our website.

Pick-it Teach improvements

Our vision experts have been working hard on the inner workings of the Pick-it Teachdetection engine to realise some major improvements. We can now detect more objects and different object models in a single detection. And that’s not even the best news: Detection times went down with at least a factor 2, from 2 to 3 seconds to below 1 second.

Detect multiple models at the same time

Pick-it Teach now allows to find multiple object sides in a single detection. Object sides are known as 'models' in the Pick-it language. This feature was added to be able to recognize objects from any view point.

Read this knowledge base article to start working with multiple models in Pick-it.

Detecting more objects in less time

With this software release, the Pick-it Teach detection engine can find more objects in a single detection and it can do this in less than half of the detection time.

Perceive the mind-blowing result yourself in the image below. Pick-it teach can detect 16 objects with 2 object models in just 0.89 seconds!

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Uploading snapshots

With release 1.9 everyone can upload snapshots through the web interface. This feature allows our support team to see exactly the scene as our customers see and give them better support.

Learn more about how snapshots can help you setup an application.

Improved visualization

The Pick-it viewer is where most of the time is spent while building your application. It is the go-to place to see how your objects are detected. With release 1.9, the viewer comes with many visualization improvements. We’ll present two of them:

Maximizing the viewer window

Selecting a detected object

Selecting a detected object from the detection grid to isolate it in the viewer. This will make developing and debugging of your application even easier.

And many more things to discover

Object models have a bounding box, all world frames are visualized with dashed lines, ...

This software release is completely free for existing customers. Contact to get your upgrade today!

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