We showed our products with your parts at Pickit's first Demo Day

A giant KUKA, an ABB, a Universal Robot and lots and lots of Pickit vision systems: those were the main ingredients of Pickit's first Demo Day, which took place on April 23rd in our hometown Leuven. Our certified partners and their customers were cordially invited to see the Pickit M, M-HD and L systems live in action.

These demos were on the menu that day:

  • A reliable and cost effective bin picking demo of plastic bottles with our Pick-it M,
  • A highly accurate and precise bin picking demo of metal shafts with our Pick-it M-HD,
  • And a flexible and easy depalletisation demo of cardboard boxes with our Pick-it L.

Our guests were encouraged to bring their own parts for immediate testing, which resulted in a lot of interesting new demos and applications.

Do you also want to get your parts tested for free to see how Pickit can benefit your application? Fill in our proof of concept form and our experts will get back to you about your case!

Pick it demo 078

Pick it demo 119

Pick it demo 125

Pick it demo 059

Pick it demo 115

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