Pickit strengthens management team with VP Engineering & VP Innovation

Seongyong Koo (’Koosy’) and Timothée Harba (’Tim’) named as VP Innovation and VP Engineering to lead the further translation of Pickit3D’s vision and product roadmap into real-life solutions that benefit our customers.

Earlier this month, Bert Willaert departed as CTO after leading Pickit3D’s technology and development team for 9 years and guiding the Pickit3D Vision solution to maturity.

Even if our 3D Vision Solution for industrial robots and cobots is used in over 500 locations worldwide today, our work is not and never will be finished. To deliver on our vision to free workers of tedious, repetitive routines through smart automations, we still have a lot of work to do, continuously broadening the scope and further building on the already acquired capabilities.

Under Bert wings and supervision, Tim and Koosy have been of tremendous value to Pickit3D already and it was only natural that both would step up and take on more responsibilities when it comes to delivering more and even better capabilities in the future.

Koosy, as VP Innovation, will be at the forefront of our development, working with our clients and partners to scope out what’s next and how we can improve our value add continuously and to create the specs of new and increasingly powerful features and capabilities, driving to support more automation scenarios.

Tim, as VP Engineering, will work closely with Koosy, partners and customers to embed the new concepts securely into the standard Pickit3D Vision Platform and he will lead the development team that is responsible for the industrialization of the solutions. The collaboration between the two will increase our speed, make the product even more stable and it will make sure that new versions will meet customer requirements today and in the future.

As the world is faced with labour shortages around the globe and in many different industries, automation and robotics become of more and more interest. By increasing the strength of the team and broadening the leadership team, Pickit3D is now and more than ever ready to help take on the challenges the post-pandemic customers are faced with.

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