Cobots: A Growth Market Within A Growth Market

The days where the only place for robots was in a factory, shielded from human cooperation using protective panels, are ending. Enter the cobot (collaborative robot), already working side by side with humans in thousands of factories all over the world.

The Global Industrial Robotics Market is growing at a rate of 9.4% from 2017 to 2023, same goes for the Collaborative Robots Market. Think of it as a growth market within a growth market. The demand for automation is rising, while ethical questions of job losses arise. Collaborative robots seem to be the perfect compromise between the two.


Collaborative robots are robots that can operate alongside humans in the same space. Manufacturers from all over the world are starting to work with cobots for a plethora of reasons. But for a robot to work in the same space as a human, safety is the number one priority. Unlike their counterparts, many cobots have built-in safety mechanisms that automatically stop the robot when it encounters an external force, such as bumping into a human, for example.


Another lauded reason is the fact that cobots only require technicians instead of programmers to run. This could even be the person whose work the robot is doing. All while saving costs on labor without losing employees.

But probably the biggest thing that sets them apart, is the much quicker ROI compared to heavy-duty robots. Collaborative robots are incredibly user-friendly since it takes up less time to train the people operating them and they are set up within one day, meaning they start saving you money quicker. In this video, a Pick-it 3D bin picking application is applied to a cobot in no more than 25 minutes.

Pick it play button

Even with different manufacturers of different cobot parts, compatibility is high throughout the industry. Pick-it's 3D vision systems are compatible with cobots and makes them even smarter and safer. 80% of Pick-it 3D’s applications are based off of compatibility with cobots from leading brands like Universal Robots, of whom Pick-it 3D is a certified partner, next to brands such as ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa and FANUC.

Want to see if Pick-it 3D can assist your robot and your production? Get in touch and send us the details about your application. If we think Pick-it can solve it, we’ll test your parts for free!


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