#Throwback Thursday moments! Forge Fair 2021 in Detroit, US

Hours of precious conversations, days spent exchanging valuable knowledge and experience, and unforgettable impressions for the coming years - this is how we can sum up Forge Fair, which took place in Detroit, United States, in October 2021. Although several months have passed since the event, we are still filled with positive emotions that we want to share in this post.

Forge Fair is North America’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the forging industry. More than 1,500 forging professionals from across the globe come to the fair to exchange experiences, stay up to date with the new products, and network with other specialists and enthusiasts.

Last year left an extraordinary mark on the growth of Pickit company thanks to the Billet Picker – an assembled End Of Arm Tool (EOAT) integrated with Pickit 3D vision system, and billet-specific software for robotic handling. This innovative solution is a sequel to several years of bin-picking experience in the forging industry. Therefore we waited for the fair with great anticipation to present it.

The Billet Picker attracted a lot of attention during the fair. The automation of production processes in forging is becoming more visible every month. This is understandable, keeping in mind that modern automation solutions, like robot cells with a 3D vision system, solve numerous challenges forge plants face nowadays – to name a few, labor shortage or dangerous work conditions and offer some competitive benefits over other, more traditional solutions like billet feeders.

Our ambition remains to make robot vision easy and we are ready to face more complex requirements without compromising on quality and seamless performance. Every day, our engineers do extensive testing to comply with our objectives. We cannot wait to show you the results! Of course, we will be present again in the next edition of the Forge Fair, but that’s only planned for May 2023.

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