Direct support and 100 how to articles: how Pickit supports your automation journey

Automation is a process that’s very worth your while, but it can be tricky and even a bit intimidating when you’re just starting out. We get that. That’s why one of our core missions from day one has been to support you before, during and after this process, so you can feel confident and empowered during your automation journey.

So how exactly do we and our certified partners provide support?

Free proof of concept

Many applications aren’t evident to automate. You might wonder if automation really is the best way to move forward. You might question what cycle times will look like. You might be unsure if your complex process can in fact be automated, and if 3D vision is the best candidate to solve your problem. That’s where we come in!

We don’t want you to purchase a product that you won’t benefit from, so it is substantial to us that we know your automation needs can be solved with one of our vision systems. That’s why we usually ask you to provide us with specific information about your application and your parts by completing a proof of concept form. Our experts evaluate your case and contact you with feedback. Afterwards, we can agree to test your parts for free or provide you with videos of similar applications and parts. We’ll keep you up to date during each step of the way and you’ll know exactly what Pickit can (or cannot) do for you.

Training & Knowledge base

Once you’ve decided to purchase a Pickit 3D vision system, we can provide you with face to face or live remote trainings and we’ll be there to answer all your questions. The box that Pickit arrives in will include a quick start guide, but on top of that, we also provide an extensive online knowledge base with hundreds of up to date articles on installing and using your system.


Direct and built-in support

After you’ve set up and implemented your Pickit 3D vision system, we’ll stay available for all your enquiries. Are you unable to find the answer to your question in the knowledge base? Just contact our certified partners, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Another powerful feature is our built-in snapshot tool. In a snapshot, the camera images and detection parameters of the last detection are stored. This file can be downloaded and sent to anybody with a Pickit system. The tool allows us to give you remote support without a direct connection to your system.

Well, there you go! These are the ways the Pickit team and its network of certified partners aim to support new and existing clients, so they feel confident and empowered to automate with Pickit.

So how can we start helping you? Contact us to to find out more!


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