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Why this Danish CEO believes automation is the future

Morten Lauritsen, Managing Director at the Danish manufacturing company Stantraek, believes everyone should make automation a part of our DNA. According to him, we need to be focused on automation so we can stay competitive and keep moving forward. Automation is the future and the future is ours!

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We got the opportunity to visit Stantraek, one of our customers in the manufacturing of metal parts based on sheet and coil, and speak to Morten Lauritsen (managing director, left) and Henrik Miltz (quality and supply chain director, right). They started with automation a few years ago as it was of utmost importance to them to make optimal use of labor time.

“Here in Denmark, our salaries are quite high - so we need to think differently. We need to use our intelligence, our brains, instead of our hands.”

They systematically looked at applications they did manually, and asked themselves the question: “How can we make this easier and smarter?”

That’s how Henrik started looking for a vision bin picking system, because parts of the manual processes couldn’t be automated yet. He found several solutions, but chose Pickit because of the user friendliness of the software interface. Henrik and Morten agree that they can learn a lot from experts, but they also want to get easy to use solutions so they can do a lot without external help.

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Aside from very practical advantages, like letting the cell run uninterrupted without an operator’s help and getting rid of the stacking, Morten also sees a very positive secondary outcome. Aside from being able to compete on a global scale and keep up with the market growth, Stantraek is now attracting more young potentials as well.

“I think for Stantraek to get the strongest team, we need to be an exciting company to work in. In order to achieve this goal, automation is one of the possibilities we have. We make the daily life within Stantraek much more interesting by working with robotic solutions. We also see that the younger generation coming into the business life like this way of working environment.”

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