Time-lapse of the Pick-it booth at Automatica

This video shows a time-lapse of the Pick-it booth with its many visitors at Automatica and zooms into the different demo setups in each corner of the booth:

  1. In the first demo setup, Pick-it is used to pick plastic power sockets from a bin with a robot and place them into a second bin. In the application, two Pick-it 3D cameras are used, each of them placed above one of the bins, to guide the robot to first pick all parts from one bin and place them into the second bin before reversing the task. The robot used in this demo is a UR5 by Universal Robots and the gripper is a two-finger gripper by Robotiq. The gripper is equipped with long fingers to allow picking parts in every corner of the deep bins.
  2. The demo setup displayed at the front right corner of the booth shows another bin picking application, but this time the parts in the bin are boxes in various sizes instead of power socket parts. Two Pick-it 3D cameras are positioned above every bin as before. Using one of the 3D cameras, the Pick-it system detects multiple boxes in the first bin and sends its coordinates to the robot for picking. Then, using these coordinates, the robot can pick every box using a vacuum gripper and place it onto the conveyor belt. From the conveyor belt, the boxes automatically fall into the second bin. Once the first bin is picked completely empty, the application direction reverses and the robot starts picking from the second bin into the first. The robot used for this demo application is a UR5 by Universal Robots and the vacuum gripper is an Electric Vacuum Generator by Schmalz.
  3. In the third demo setup at the left back side of the booth, the Pick-it processor is combined with a Zivid camera by Zivid Labs. This camera can see products with a higher resolution and therefore allows to see smaller parts.
  4. Last but not least, the demo setup in the right back corner of the booth shows how a full layer of boxes on a pallet are recognized by the Pick-it system. This demo setup uses a Pick-it L camera which has a field of view that can contain a full Euro pallet. This application is for example useful in a logistics context where boxes need to be automatically unloaded from a pallet.

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