How to automate unloading pallets with Pickit

Unloading a pallet with Pickit and a Universal Robots UR10

Fast bin picking with Pick-it and an ABB robot

High speed random bin picking performed by Pick-its M-HD camera and vision engine and an ABB robot.

Pallet-size automation with Pick-it L

With the combination of our proven easy-to-use software and our new L camera you can set up a smart automated depalletising application in just 1 day.

A smart multiple-step application with Pick-it

A great example of a smart Pick-it application for machine loading.

Pickit explainer video

See how Pickit works and what Pickit is capable off.

Smart automated bin picking

A 1 step process for bin picking and orientation: combine fast cycle times & accurate drop offs.

Bin pick a Euro pallet gitterbox with an ABB robot

A Euro pallet size gitterbox with mixed cylindrical silentblocks is emptied by a retrofitted ABB robot.

Parts picking and assembly from 2 bins with an ABB Yumi

ABB Yumi parts assembly from 2 random bins using only 1 camera.

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