Watch and see how easy automation can be.

Kuka Iiwa picks black pieces

Picking black cylinders from black boxes, only possible in 3D!

Staubli robot picks various sized boxes

Pick-it 3D vision guides a Staubli robot to pick various sized boxes from a mixed bin

Machine loading with 3D vision on a Universal Robot

The metal blocks can overlap randomly and even be stacked on top of each other.

Conveyor picking in varying light conditions

The Pick-it 3D camera system keeps working in the dark.

Bin picking metal parts with a Fanuc robot

Pick-it 3D camera detects the position and the orientation of the shaped metal parts.

UR stacks stamped sheet metal parts

UR stacks stamped sheet metal Daimler AG parts with our 3D vision camera.

Depalletizing crates from a Euro-pallet with a Universal Robot

Universal Robots depalletizes mixed crates from a Euro-pallet.

Bin picking reflective black toner cassettes with a Fanuc robot

Fanuc LR Mate bin picking reflective black toner cassettes from a mixed bin.

Picking white bottles from random bin with an ABB robot

ABB picking white bottles from white bin. The bottles are overlapping randomly in 3D.

Parts picking and assembly from 2 bins with an ABB Yumi

ABB Yumi parts assembly from 2 random bins using only 1 camera.

Picking sausages from buffer table with a Universal Robot

UR picking sausages from a buffer table. The sausages arrive from a conveyor belt onto a buffer table.

Picking and sorting oranges

The Pick-it FLEX vision engine is easy to set up: just select the product shape and dimensions to be picked.

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