24/7 reliability test bin picking cell

Kuka robot picks billets and feeds induction oven

Bin picking in packaging industry

Automated shovel production

Constant-Velocity Joints bin picking

Robot bin picking PHARMACY

Bin picking and machine loading SHAFTS production

Robotic RETRAYER for Pharma and Biotech

Sheet Metal bin picking at Stantraek

Pickit Case Study: Bin picking at Stantraek

Pickit Case Study: Bin picking at Vanamatic

Pickit Case Study: Bin picking and machine tending at KYB

Application video - Bin picking at Vanamatic

Application video - Bin picking and Machine tending at KYB

Fast bin picking with Pick-it and an ABB robot

High speed random bin picking performed by Pick-its M-HD camera and vision engine and an ABB robot.

Smart automated bin picking

A 1 step process for bin picking and orientation: combine fast cycle times & accurate drop offs.

Bin pick a Euro pallet gitterbox with an ABB robot

A Euro pallet size gitterbox with mixed cylindrical silentblocks is emptied by a retrofitted ABB robot.