The Pick-it software

Pick-it offers 2 vision engines: FLEX and TEACH

The FLEX engine easily finds geometric shapes (cylinders, boxes, planes, circles,...).

The operator chooses a shape and sets a range of sizes that need to be picked.

The main advantages of the FLEX engine:

  • handles a variety of sizes without re-programming
  • works with reflective or dark parts

The TEACH engine can handle more complex 3D shapes.

Operators just take a 3D picture of the product with the Pick-it camera and the system will look for this shape.

The main advantages of the TEACH engine:

  • very easy to teach new product or shapes
  • works well with complex 3D shapes

Pick-it also offers a PLUS value bundle (FLEX + TEACH) on one system for maximum flexibility.

The Pick-it software runs on its dedicated processor and can be integrated in your automation project by your own robot system integrator.

For universities and OEM customers, we offer a ROS interface. The ROS interface is officially supported and maintained by Pick-it.

Pickit Screenshot

Software specifications

Vision engine FLEX TEACH
Product definition Basic geometric features 3D complex shapes
Processing time 0,5 sec 3,0 sec
Focus value Reflective materials Complex geometries
Orientation check Yes Yes