Automatica 2016 was a great success

Automatica 3 Dcamera Robotvision Pickit Team 1

Automatica 2016 was a great success! 

Thank You for visiting us and watching Pick-it 3D in action.

We demonstrated bin picking with Fanuc, kitting and assembly with ABB Yumi, CNC machine loading with UR10 universal robots and another binpicking demo picking black cylinders out off a black bin with KUKA iiwa.

Now, it's time to solve your picking challenge.

We offer you a FREE web-demo with your products to demonstrate that Pick-it is the flexible 3D vision solution you are looking for.

How can you be sure that Pick-it will work for you?

The Pick-it test lab will demonstrate your picking application via a live webinar.

Of course all information you share with us will be treated confidential, and if required, protected by NDA.