Pick It 3 D Robot System Intergrator Partner Esps

Who is Pick-it made for?

From the start Pick-it has been created for robot system integrators. 

Your preferred system integrator knows how to install and setup your industrial robots. 

Our partners are robot programmers and NOT vision experts.

If you can program a robot, you will most certainly find Pick-it easy to use. 

Pick-it takes care of all the important steps in vision guided robotics:

  1. Communication with the robot:
    we supply a communication library which runs on the robot for all major robot brands.
  2. Robot-Camera calibration:
    if you move the 3D camera or the robot, recalibrating is an easy and quick process and multiple camera or robot positions can be stored.
  3. Visualisation and diagnostics :
    an easy-to-use interface visualises your setup, robot and product detection in 3D.