What makes Pick-it so special?

Most 3D vision applications are complex and require vision consultants to program and set-up the application.

Our goal: 'Your first pick on the first day'!

Pick-it makes robot vision easy

  • The intuitive graphical user interface is designed for easy programming on the work floor.

  • Complex 3D picking challenges can be set-up without the need for a vision expertise.

  • Pick-it makes it easy to set up new products yourself and has no need for a CAD model.

  • Pick-it can be integrated in your automation project by your preferred system integrator.

  • Pick-it offers full support to connect standard to most popular robot brands (and ROS), and extends its portfolio on a regular basis.

Our main advantages are product flexibility, an easy set-up and the fastest payback in the machine vision industry.

'Your first pick on the first day' is what makes our day.