Understanding 3D vision

Online course on bin picking

Learn how to automate bin picking applications with us! Go from beginner to pro exploring all the essential tools and techniques in only 5 lessons and less than an hour.

Lesson 1. Where to pick?

How to tell Pickit where to pick objects? Learn:

  • What is the region of interest
  • Bin model
  • Build ROI from markers
  • Practical exercise

Lesson 2. What to pick?

How to tell Pickit what to pick? Learn:

  • How to teach a model of a part
  • Model teaching best practices
  • Practical exercise

Lesson 3. How to pick?

How to pick objects? Learn:

  • What is a good pick point
  • Tool model
  • Increasing the likelihood that a part is pickable
  • Pick strategy
  • Practical exercise

Lesson 4. Robot camera calibration

How to calibrate the camera and the robot? Learn:

  • Types of camera mounts
  • Practical exercise

Lesson 5. Robot integration

How to integrate Pickit with the robot? An example with the UR robot. Learn:

  • Vision-guided pick and place with minimal programming effort
  • The Pickit URCap plugin and what it offers
  • Practical exercise

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