Fast setup

Flexibility, small batches, easy set-up and control, reduced cycle time, increased throughput and consistent quality are more and more important. At Pick-it we strive to make 3D robot vision EASY.

'Your first pick on your first day'

The 3D vision set-up follows easy 3 steps.

1. Select your robot

First, simply choose and mount your camera on a fixed location, on your robot or even a slay. In the Pick-it software program you select the chosen mounting option.

2. Tell it where to look

Next, you teach the 3D camera where it has to look for your parts. This Region Of Interest is defined using our workspace markers.

3. Teach it what to look for

In the final step you define your product. The Pick-it graphical user interface guides you through this process.

For experienced users each of these 3 steps takes merely 5 minutes at the start of the shift. In 15 minutes the next batch can start.

Robot Vision Made Easy