5 good reasons to automate with Pick-it

Pick-it does not require extensive training and can be operated by non-vision experts. Pick-it finds products of varying sizes and shapes, in matte and glossy colours and it even keeps working in changing and poor light conditions. The advantages for you are product flexibility and a fast and easy set-up. Fit for every application.

Pick It Fast Setup

Save installation and setup time

Save setup time with our intuitive and easy to use 3D camera and software. With Pick-it, you can build any camera supported automation application without requiring experience. Don’t waste time on long robot programs, Pick-it will tell your robot where to go.

Pick It 002

Cut costs using an off-the-shelf product

Cut costs at a fixed price with product that has proven itself with more than 150 applications in over 40 countries instead of going for a custom engineered approach with unpredictable results.

Pick It Software

Automate with full flexibility

Build a new application in a day or define a new product to pick in just a few minutes. The Pick-it software is designed to handle fast adaptations and changeover times. It nicely guides you through the picking steps with a best-in-class user interface.

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Get rid of bulky and space-taking fixtures

Since Pick-it can find parts in any sort of location and layout, there is no need for a bulky feeding line with custom, inflexible and expensive tools such as conveyor belts, fixtures, feeders or shaker tables.

L Front

Worry less with 24/7 reliability

Rely on Pick-it to deliver quality of work day and night, seven days a week without getting tired. The Pick-it software even enables you to keep an eye on its eyes from wherever you are.