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Worry less with 24/7 reliability

Pickit delivers quality of work without breaks, vacations or turnover.

"What we saw was consistency - it runs at a certain rate all the time. We’re taking a 100% manned operation down to possibly a 20% manned operation."

– Adam Wiltsie, Plant Manager,


Save installation and setup time

No need for vision experience or a single line of code.

"Bin picking is one of the biggest challenges in today manufacturing environment and now I can say it’s possible with Pickit 3D.

Easy teaching, very flexible, in 30 min we have done a program!"

– Yann Danesin, Process and Maintaining Engineering Leader,


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Get rid of bulky and space-taking fixtures

Keep things simple and your factory footprint low with Pickit.

"It's an elegant solution that fit directly into our current production cell with very little modifications. It was very easy to install."

– Mike Waddell, Production Engineer,


Cut costs at a fixed price

Pickit works out of the box, eliminating unexpected integration costs.

"If we have a robot running 24 hours a week, the ROI is probably close to 5 months."

– Doug Sanford, Controls Engineer,

21st Century Plastics

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Automate with full flexibility

The Pickit software is designed to handle fast adaptations and many different product.

"This machine can handle any part. All you have to do is feed parts under the camera, and there's your setup."

– Adam Wiltsie, Plant Manager,