Advantages of Pick-it

Pick-it has been created for robot application developers and system integrators. It does not require extensive training and can be operated by non-vision experts. Pick-it finds products of varying sizes and shapes, in matte and glossy colours and it even keeps working in changing and poor light conditions. The advantages for you are product flexibilityeasy set-up and calibration leading to the fastest payback in the robot vision industry. See how Pick-it allows you to setup your own application and is suitable for robotic picking in small batches. Fit for every application.

Pick It Fast Setup

Fast set-up

Set up a new product, workspace and robot

Pick It Easy Calibration

Easy calibration

Pick-it guides you through

Pick It For Robot Integrators

For all major robots

Your robot, your product, your workspace

Pick It No Light Needed

Works without light

Forget about changing light and shadows

Pick It Fastest Payback

Fastest payback

Affordable fixed price

Pick It Works With 3D Overlapping Products

3D overlapping products

Easy and simple